Paul Jacobs

With over 25 years of experience in insect breeding, we can offer online consultancy to scale up your production of your Cricket Farm. Insecnology provides a unique breeding system for crickets and locust.

We are specialist in this market.  From scratch to a profitable farm


Insecnology Breeding Consultancy (online)

12 months contract

         Insecnology© Breeding manual

         Analysing your farm

         Advice with the design of your
breeding facility

         Online training in egg

         Online training in rearing the

         Online personal troubleshooting

         Intensive training during the
first breeding cycle

         Per month ,2-4 times
consultancy and  evaluating the farm  in the following months

         Online personal support
(limited) in breeding after finishing the contract.

         Discounts on all Insecnology©
breeding material

Price for this 12 months consultancy contract is € 500,– per month



VAT no incl.

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