Paul Jacobs

With over 25 years of experience in insect breeding we can offer a training to scale up your production of your Cricket Farm. Insecnology provides a unique breeding system for crickets and locust.

We are specialist in this market.  From scratch to a profitable farm

Insecnology Breeding workshop (online)

3 months course

         Insecnology© Breeding manual

         Analysing your far 

         Advice with the design of your breeding facility

         Online training in egg production

         Online training in rearing the crickets

         Online personal troubleshooting

         3-4 times per week intensive training during the first breeding cycle

         2 times per week training in the following weeks

         Online personal support (limited) in breeding after finishing the workshop.

         Discounts on all Insecnology© breeding material

Price for this 3 months course is € 5.000,–

Conditions: First payment € 2.500,– on acceptance of offer and 5 bi weekly payments of € 500,–

VAT no incl.

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